What are easy ways to lower my fuel expenses?

What are easy ways to lower my fuel expenses?

Gas prices are predicted to remain high throughout the year. To keep as much money in your pocket as possible, you can take some simple measures. Some of these measures you can easily do yourself, while others can be quickly and affordably completed at the shop. At Jimmy's Top Tech Auto, our local mechanics are highly experienced with all types of auto maintenance. From filter replacements to oil changes, you'll be in and out of the shop in very little time. By keeping up with auto maintenance you'll help to boost gas mileage while also optimizing your vehicle's overall performance. And with gas prices spiking, it's all the more important to follow these simple tips to improve fuel-efficiency.

Simple Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

Our nearby auto shop can quickly complete a variety of maintenance services that will keep more gas money in your pocket. For one, fuel filters should be replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles so that contaminants don't harm performance and gas mileage. You should get a new air filter about every 15,000 miles, which will allow a sufficient amount of air to get to your combustion chamber. In turn, your engine won't burn excessive fuel to make up for a shortage of air. At the shop, we can also replace old, dirty spark plugs that are misfiring and causing fuel to go to waste.

As you go about your day-to-day routine, there are some basic measures you can take to help your vehicle get the most miles per gallon. You'll want to make sure you're driving with proper tire pressure. Typically, tire pressure should be somewhere between 30 and 35 psi, though you should verify the specific pressure that is required for your tires. When tires are underinflated, the engine has to expend more power to get them to roll forward, which can cause a dip in MPGs. One way to prevent underinflated tires is to make sure you aren't overloading your vehicle. When tires are properly inflated, you'll also reduce the risk of a blowout occurring.

Another simple way to maximize gas mileage is to ensure that your gas cap is always tightly secured. A loose or missing gas cap can allow fuel to evaporate before you even get the opportunity to use it.

Getting Auto Maintenance to Improve Gas Mileage If you need auto maintenance to boost MPGs, contact Jimmy's Top Tech Auto at (512) 768-2965. Our mechanics are experts in all types of auto maintenance in Austin, TX. Feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: June 12, 2021

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