7 Symptoms of an Alternator Problem

7 Symptoms of an Alternator Problem

7 Symptoms of an Alternator ProblemYour alternator supplies the power to your battery. If it fails, then your battery's power reserve could run dry, potentially leaving you stranded and in a difficult situation. Here's a look at seven signs of alternator trouble.

Dashboard Indication

Oftentimes, the first sign of an alternator issue is the illumination of a dash light that reads ALT or GEN. In some vehicles, this light will come on in the shape of a small battery.

Dead Battery

Of course a battery will die at the end of its expected life cycle. But if you've recently installed a brand new battery and it has died, then alternator trouble could be the culprit.

Issues with Electrical Accessories

A problem with your alternator can lead to the malfunctioning of electrical accessories such as your radio, power windows, power seats, and power locks.

Problem with Belt

If you get under the hood and notice that a belt is too tight, too loose, or cracked, then it's possible you've found the cause of your alternator trouble.


For your pistons to continue pumping reliably as you cruise down the road, you need your alternator to be functioning properly.

Burning Smell

A variety of different automotive issues can cause a burning odor, with one possibility being alternator belt slippage.

Dimming/Flickering Headlights

Your alternator juices up your headlights. If it fails and you drive on a road without street lights, then you could find yourself with minimal visibility and a significant safety concern.

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Posted: July 10, 2020

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