Automotive Diagnostics in Austin, TX

Automotive Diagnostics in Austin, TX and Surrounding Communities

Automotive Diagnostics in Austin, TXThere are many symptoms of car trouble, but it takes a skilled technician with the right knowledge and tools to be able to properly identify the root cause of a problem. At Jimmy's Top Tech Auto we have more than 45 years of diagnostic experience on a broad range of vehicles. When you visit us for auto repair in Austin, we will always listen to your chief complaint and then take a deep dive into diagnostics to ensure the problem is correctly pinpointed the first time. At the first sign of car trouble, call Jimmy's, and let us erase your automotive worries.

General Signs of Car Trouble

As a driver, there are numerous ways that you may identify a potential issue with your vehicle. If you experience any of the following signs of car trouble, be sure to visit us for immediate diagnostics and repair.

  • Shaking - Vibrations and shakes can be related to a number of issues, such as warped brake rotors, poor wheel alignment or an exhaust leak.
  • Smells - Several smells point directly to certain car trouble. For example, a maple smell could be caused by a coolant leak, while a burning odor may be due to a worn clutch.
  • Sounds - Lots of car problems are detected by the sound they make. If you hear a screeching while braking, it's time for new brake pads. A grinding noise that occurs while shifting if often associated with low transmission fluid.
  • Leaks - Nothing should ever be leaking from your vehicle. If you spot a drip, head to our shop for proper diagnostics.
  • Lights - Dashboard indicator lights are clear signs of trouble aboard. If any dash light, such as the check engine light, ABS light or battery light, come on, visit Jimmy's!
  • Performance - A drop in fuel efficiency, poor acceleration, hard starting, rough idle and other performance problems should influence you to come see us.

State of the Art Auto Repair Shop

State of the Art Auto Repair ShopNo matter what issue you're presented with, you can trust us to get to the bottom of it. Jimmy's Top Tech Auto has invested in the latest computer diagnostic equipment that allows us to serve even the newest vehicles on the road. We upgraded our facility because it allows our team to follow through with their promise of providing fast and effective services at a fair price. When trouble strikes, don't think twice, head to Jimmy's for proper service.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

For many drivers, the check engine light is nothing but a pesky little dot on their dashboard. It's unfortunate to think this way, as it is obviously alerting you to an issue with your vehicle. If the check engine light comes on, don't ignore it! The problem that triggered the light will only grow bigger and more expensive to fix.

Since 2000 we have been providing accurate auto diagnostics in Austin for drivers of all makes and models. We encourage you to visit us at the first indication of car trouble. Give us a call at (512) 768-2965 to request a quote, make an appointment or to learn more about our modern auto shop.

"I got a flat tire right before 6pm, just down the street. I called and they immediately were able to send someone out. Jimmy came and changed my tire himself and saved my day. Thank you so much!!!!"

"I've been a loyal customer going on 4 years now. Whether taking my car in for an oil change or something more complex, I have ALWAYS received top of the line, professional service. Jimmy is a straight shooter, and his pricing is fair. I trust his seasoned insights and have referred numerous friends to his shop."

"Always quick, affordable and does a great job!"